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The Power Of Non-Verbal Communication

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

You’re saying a lot even when you’re not talking. Your body is always communicating as a form of non-verbal communication. At least 50% of our judgements are based on visual stimulus which includes, how we look, our skin, the clothes we wear, what our teeth look like, how our hair is done and our posture.

In 1971, UCLA psychology professor Albert Mehrabian stated that:

55% of what you convey comes from your body language, 38% from your tone of voice, only 7% from the words you choose.

This demonstrates the power of non-verbal communication.

Why is Body Language helpful?

Positive non-verbal communication is very important in building good customer relationships. Your customers are your biggest stakeholders so being able to communicate effectively with them is essential.

Body Language allows you to send the right message. When you are happy about something, you convey it by smiling and displaying an ‘open stance’.  The same is true when you are unhappy. You are able to read signals that your customer or potential customer is displaying, sometimes unconsciously. Being able to master body language will let you adjust the way you stand move, dress and interact, which will ensure that the encounters that you have with others are easier, smoother and visually support the real message you wish to convey.

How Should You Use Body Language in Business?

1. Posture:

Customers and potential customers will immediately notice how you present yourself, and at the end of the day, represent your business. Show confidence; stomach in, chest out, shoulders back and head up. Your stance reflects positively on the product or service you provide.

2. Smile:

A smile can go a long way as it is one of the most important facial features. It can show interest, excitement, empathy or concern. Take care, although a smile generally creates a positive environment, it can also be overused and thus appear false. Remember it takes 42 muscles to frown but only 17 to smile!

3. Eye contact:

Helps you to show that you truly understand what someone is really saying. The eyes can say one thing and the tongue another. Remember that looking someone in the eye indicates sincerity and, that you are paying attention.

Communication is key even when no words are being said so make sure that you’re aware of reading your potential customer’s body language correctly and that you are communicating effectively to your customers in both your words and your body language. 

For more information on this complex and valuable Business Development Process, contact Len Blazey Consulting Ltd today.

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