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Throw down your stepping stones to succeed

I encouraged you in my last post to write down your dream and then to set goals as a means of stepping stones to succeed and accomplish that dream. If you can get synergy between your personal and business goals, you are most likely to achieve both. It doesn’t stop there. The same applies to each of your staff members – more especially key persons in your business. You have to carry your goals through to your employees and here is how you do that.


Firstly, share your business goals with your staff (and those personal goals that you consider relevant).

Then let your staff know that you are going to meet with them individually to discuss your business goals and to assist them to set their own business goals for the year.

The goal setting sessions with your staff need to be participatory rather than dictatorial, with the staff member contributing to the goal-setting session. The more ‘buy in’ you get from your team, the more likely your goals will come to fruition.

It is critical to have synergy between the staff goals and your goals for the business. The objective of your sessions is to get every member of the team ‘pulling hard’ in the same direction (towards achieving your business’s goals).

How to get ‘buy-in’ from your staff? There must be a ‘wiifm’ (What’s in it for me?) for all. The wiifm’s could be: a bigger salary increase (merit-based), a bonus (merit-based), a weekend away, a team occasion/celebration, team building experience, promotion etc.

Finally, if you don’t measure your progress, and your team’s progress towards the goals frequently, they will in all probability, not be achieved.

Time spent on this activity is time well spent! Pablo Picasso once said; “Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.”

Give me a call if you need help setting goals.

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