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What is your dream?

Less than 5% of the population has taken the time to decide what they want to accomplish. Be a part of the minority and take the time to figure out your heart’s desire.

Goals are the stepping stones that will allow you to accomplish your dreams. Once you’ve written down your dream goals, then work through these steps.

Step ONE: Assume full responsibility for where you are at present and never place blame or deflect culpability. Decide that no one other than YOU will be responsible for results.

Step TWO: Act as if you have no limitations. Visualise beyond what you currently have. Think about what your perfect business and career look like, what kind of lifestyle you and your family would enjoy, how you would balance work and recreational time, how you would contribute to the world, and what skills you would need to get to this ideal space.

Step THREE: Be honest with where you are now. Determine your current situation realistically. Do a skills and abilities inventory – correctly identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Step FOUR: Measure your progress by using useful guides to improve the speed at which you achieve your goals. You will be able to tick off completed tasks and celebrate accomplishments.

Step FIVE: Become an expert in your field. 10% of the people in your industry make 90% of the money. A way to do this is to commit to one hour a day of education in your field. Commit to excellence. Attend seminars. Build on your talents. Don’t tolerate negative thoughts.

Step SIX: Choose your friends and mentors wisely. They will have a direct influence on your life. Network more widely through volunteering. Be genuine, kind, respectful, and courteous. Be reliable.

Step SEVEN: Take five minutes a day to review and rework your goals. Write your three most important goals for the day on your bathroom mirror every morning with a whiteboard marker.

Make sure your written goals are SPECIFIC enough so that you know what you are striving towards. They must be MEASURABLE so you can tell when the goal has been reached. They must be ACTION-oriented to indicate an activity that will produce results. They must also be REALISTIC in that it is practical and can be achieved. Your goals must also be TIME and resource constrained, which means they have a definite deadline for completion and realise limited availability of resources.

Take goal setting a step further by breaking down your goals into manageable STEPS by forming an action plan. Include a statement that creates a high level of emotion and energy. You need the motivation to make it to the end.

Develop an accountability system so that you do not lose sight of your goals and fail. Write a note to yourself or develop a relationship with a mentor or business coach.

Workout EXACTLY what you want … and then do what it takes to fulfil that desire. You might be feeling up to that challenge, or maybe you feel a little intimidated. Either way, a business mentor/coach can ensure that you raise your standards of growth and excellence for 2020.

Contact me today for your first free 2-hour consultation.

Reference: Karl Bryan: CEO, Author and International Speaker.

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